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Promotion Options

There is no charge to be listed on this site. However, we do have the following promotion options available:

Banner Ad
  • Your banner displayed to thousands!
  • Different banners for desktop and mobile.
  • Animated gifs allowed.
  • Run up to 10 different designs.

5 Days 0.5bnb worth of $SRG-F

Telegram Channel
  • Your own project channel in our Telegram.
  • 1 x @everyone message to announce you have joined.
  • The best way for you to interact with our community!
  • Automatically pulls in your Tweets / Announcements.

5 Days 0.5bnb worth of $SRG-F

How to buy a Promotion

Once you have submitted our project form, send me a DM on Telegram: @defidevbillion to discuss which package you require.
You can find me on the SurgeForks Telegram.

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